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The load L that a horizontal beam can safely support varies jointly as the width and the square of the depth d. If a beam with width3 inches and depth5 inches safely supports up to200 pounds, how many pounds can a beam of the same length that has width4 inches and depth4 inches be expected to support? Round to the nearest pound. Assume the two beams are made of the same material.

i can’t figure out what to do with this and im feeling really dumb…


 L = k * w* d^2  .equation 1                          k is a constant(proportionality) , w is width, d is depth

so if new weight is L1


L1 = k *w1 * (d1)^2..equation 2

divide equation 1 by equyation 2, substitute values for w,d,w1,d1, and L

you will get L1, ie what is asked

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Math Genius, pasagot naman po nito oh tapos po imessage niyo kay Ate Eugenie yung answer. Tulungan po natin ang magandang dilag na ito. :)


in a school, 14% of students take drama and computer class, and 67% take drama class. what is the probability that a student takes computer class given that the student takes drama class?

Let’s say there are 300 students in school.
14% = combined drama/computer students = 42 students.
67% = 200 drama students.
Probability that ANY student is combined is 42/300 = 14%
Probability that DRAMA student is combined is 42/200 = 21%.

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Math Questions

Pat is 20 years older than his son Patrick. In 2 years Pat will be twice as old as Patrick. How old are they now?

Pat is 20 years older than his son Patrick. In 2 years Pat will be twice as old as Patrick. How old are they now?

One number is nine more than twice another. If their sum is decreased by ten, the result is fourteen.

suppose patrick’s age is X. so pat’s age is 20+x

in two years, pat’s age will be 20+x+2

and patrick’s age will be x+2

given that 20+x+2 = 2(x+2)

22+x = 2x+4

or x = 18 i.e patrick’s age is 18 years. and pat’s age is 20+x = 20+18 = 38 years. 

let first number be x 


second number be y

it is given that x = = 2x+9

and x+y - 10 =14

solve these two equations and you would get the answer

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